Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am finally back at my desk - here comes 2013

This is how I am feeling right now!!

Hope everyone had a great holiday season and are getting back into the swing of things.

Me I am totally behind the eight ball at present, but have a few surprises in store for myself and others too!

Simon has made me promise that I will write in my blog twice a week - no promises, but I will try.

My Yoga is going well, I am back at it and I am now working with a personal trainer, want to tone up my upper arms so they are stronger - we will see. I am totally tanned, not quite at the terrific state, but working on it.

Wait for my next blog and see what Simon has been doing - he has worked through the holiday season and has some amazing things to share and if you are not already doing it please 'like' our Face book for Jenny Haskins Designs: www.facebook/jennyhaskinsdesigns1 this will keep you up to date daily on what Simon is doing, he is amazing.

Just to keep you interested, here is out next Ministry of Sewing module 1:6 you will love this, a new twist on Simon's Piece de Resistance CD, quilt and technique. What do you think? All done in the hoop and totally double sided!!

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