Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Busy Easter and More

'Bug...' I just lost everything I had already written - so frustrating, and more so, I have not a clue how I lost the whole post, which I had just finished!

Starting again....

I spent Easter up at Toowoon Bay, at my holiday escape, had not been up since the end of January, my the year is just flying by!!

Robbie and I had a couple of days shopping, swimming and worshiping the sun, topped up my tan beautifully - weather was perfect and the water warm.

April is the most popular month for Birthday's in our family with Mum, Dad and Sammie all being born in April. Our newest April baby is Frankie (Simon, Kirstin and Clea's daughter), she turned one on April 1. Unfortunately I have no pictures as she was sick when I went up to see her on March 31, however there is a beautiful picture of her and her mum on my Facebook page: www.facebook.com/jenny.grayhaskins We had an Easter Egg hunt with Harvery (Britty helped the 'Easter Bunny' hide 64 eggs, all of which Harvey found and then mum (Cleo) opened Frankie's birthday gifts!

Harvey came home with me and had a slumber party with me, Kyle and Britty, - slumber we did not as after him falling asleep (finally at around 11:00 - too much going on and he and Kyle were watching Cars II) he awoke at 3:00 stating his eyes would not stay shut!! So sleep was no more for either of us!

Britty styled Harvey's hair, we think he looks so handsome!

Above he is cuddled up on the couch - so cute!!

Then my other beautiful granddaughter Zoey had her third birthday on April 2 - we celebrated this on April 1 along with Easter. Easter Egg hunt with big brother Cooper-Jay was an amazing success - chocolate all round and then it was present time. What fun, noice, running around and general joy!

Glasses from Noo Noo and dress from Uncle Simon and there is no way Zoey is letting her card go! Not dirt on her forehead, rather glue from her EEG, she is holding her own nicely.

'No this card is mine and Cooper-Jay you are not opening it'. Bunny hair clip from 'Easter Bunny' looks so cute.

Me I had a brief routine trip to hospital yesterday, results good, so yesterday was La La land as Simon put it - said I was quite loopy - certainly was on a high after the anesthetic!

Today finished directions for Coffee and Cream - now in Simon's hands along with Jenny's Heritage eBook, so he will be kept very busy. We also have webinars next week, and so time marches along.

Just got back from the gym, PT to morrow, so have to keep my training up or I will get a bad mark!

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