Monday, February 18, 2013

Another Version of Simon's Applique Magic

We are all working hard, I am even sitting at the sewing machine - a thing I rarely do these days, but must say I do miss it and enjoy it when I do. I do love to sit and sew. Thought I would share the Simon's Applique Magic quilt made with the 7 1/2in blocks using the Jenny Join and the 1/4in bias tape. By the way this gorgeous quilt is also double sided!

This quilt is another example of what is on Simon's Applique Magic design CD - a design CD that caters to every hoop size!

This vibrant little pillow is made with four 6in designs, pieced with the Jenny Join to make a 12in block, which is made up into a fabulous pillow.

Go Simon, you are just so clever, we just love these designs. More in the next blog!!

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  1. Hi Jenny! This quilt is so happy - what a fabulous design! I just wanted to drop you a line to say hello, and to ask you to find me on facebook or through email because I would love to get your input on some ideas for my new business. There are a huge number of ways you can find me over at look forward to chatting soon! Hope you're well and that Sydney isn't as soggy as poor old Brisbane this week!

    x Catherine