Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Catching up, where is the month of June going?

I do not know where this year is going. One moment it is June 1 and now it is June 18!! Well June has been a full month, so much so that I have to stop and think where it has gone and what I have done.

Let's work backwards.....

Today we had our first June webinar with another one tomorrow - I actually really enjoyed today, it is so wonderful catching up with everyone and sharing what we are doing. Today (and tomorrow) we did and will be going step-by-step with our two latest downloads - Double the Luv (double sided quilt) and Cool Machine Disguise (cover) as seen below:

You will just love making this machine cover, as it has so many easy exciting techniques in it an that you will love learning.

I have been into the city shopping with my daughters - Sam (blood) and Kath (by association) and had a lovely day. Sammie decided to spurge out on some amazing shoes while I got a much sort after black jacket. Below is Sam in her coordinated outfit - picture doesn't do shoes justice - shoes are by Stewart Weizmann (not sure of the spelling). Those who know me, will not be surprised by the last statement!

Of course I never miss my Yoga or gym work outs, and am just getting better and better, so exciting to see how I just advance each week - just love my gym C2K - I always feel better after a workout, and Yoga is just so spiritual.

Yes I can do both these poses - don't look quite like this, but pretty close. I can also free stand on my head for 60 seconds - which is something I could not do two weeks ago! I always had to had the wall for support, and two weeks ago, I thought, 'Why not try freestanding, worst that could happen is I would have to come down'! And guess what - yes I could stand on my head with no support - I was amazed, excited and encouraged - yes I felt the fear and did it anyway, and guess what I succeeded!

Well and that exciting note, I am off to feed Honey and have a glass of wine, I have earned it after my hard workout. Oh yest wait till you see what I am doing decorating wise, that bit of exciting news, will have to wait till next blog!

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