Wednesday, February 26, 2014

17 Sunshine 4 All quilts Pieced - Yahoo

Robbie and I have now pieced seventeen Sunshine for all Quilts! Yahoo!! We are constantly amazed how beautiful these blocks are and thank everyone who contributed to this project. The overall precision in cutting out the blocks to an exact 8 1/2in makes our job so much easier.

The quilt tops are flat, smooth and beautifully square. It is interesting to note, that orange, yellow and hot pink are not color combinations we usually work in, however we are really getting on well with these colors now and how well they have been coordinated.

We would love to hear from you to see which quilt top is your favourite, so please email me: and we will then tell you which one comes out on top - so to speak!

Here come the 17 quilts tops we have done so far (you will have to keep scrolling down to see all the quilts):

Two ladies did enough gorgeous kids embroidery designs for us to make four quilts. Ladies, your work is spectacular. I had to almost stop Robbie from taking one home - just for her!

Now here are the 13 larger quilts: 

This is the end. Hope you have enjoyed looking at these quilt tops and to everyone who recognizes their blocks, we trust you live what we have done.

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