Monday, February 24, 2014

So What's up Doc?

Just when we thought we were getting to the bottom of our pile of Sunshine 4 All ( blocks, in come more!!! I just love helping Simon open the packages and look at all the blocks.

Thank you so much to Jill's students (from Western Australia) and Erica's Students (Erica's Craft and Sewing Center USA). The blocks are really gorgeous and Robbie (who doesn't know the pile is getting bigger rather than smaller as we piece these into quilts) will love working with them as much as me.

For two people who do not particularly work in these colors, our pallet is opening up and we find ourselves having so much fun with these colors. So thank you for opening up and broadening our color pallets.

Simon is slowly coming back to work, little by little. He is still tired, but managing to work for a few hours everyday. Cannot wait to see what he is working on. I have a clue, but all will be revealed soon.
My personal trainer - who shares the same birth date as Simon, nearly killed me today, up until now, I have worked hard, but always had something left in the tank - today I was almost running on empty. I am doing things he told me heI would never ask me to do, but now he is pushing me so hard. I am doing things I did not even think of doing when I was young, let alone now at my age!!

I am going to keep you all  up with my progress and try and get some pictures so you can see how I am going!! If you do not exercise on a regular basis, you are missing out on the best of time, it is just another challenge, and we just love challenges don't we, it reminds us that we are still alive and breathing - and breath one does!

So off to piece another quilt now, and will post some more pictures this week.

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