Friday, February 5, 2010

Up date on availability of Videos and Harvey's Garden CD

This week has simply disappeared - I don't know about you but my weeks have Monday and Friday and seem to skip the rest of the days - must be a big black whole somewhere!

It has been national 'Girlfriend Week' this past week and I have had some wonderfully funny emails sent to me - hope you all had a great week 'girlfriends'. One of the sayings shared with me was: 'God must love stupid people - He made so many'. Another one - was a bumper sticker I saw the other day:
'When God created man SHE was only joking!' They both remind me of the fact that the truth is often spoken with jest. Enough - hope you enjoyed a giggle.

We have been frantic with photography this week amongst other things along with testing new exciting products and finishing Harvey's Vintage Garden design CD. We are just so excited with the finish CD it has so many creative possibilities - so look at our website in the upcoming weeks for details. We are just waiting for photos and for Andrew to update the site.

Speaking of new products, due to overwhelming demand we are going to release a DVD that will have all 14 comprehensive industructional Video's that have been shown or are to come from my website on a DVD, so you can play them whenever you like. My daughter is working on it as we speak so look for updates - we will announce the release both here and on my web site - you ask and we try to make it happen - not fast enough I know but we are working on it.

Robbie and I have been photographing for the past few days - with exciting results - news on that front coming up in future blogs.

Our weather 'down under' is just so tropical at present - hot, humid and steamy - not ideal for photography with lights etc - especially if you are modeling garments that are made for winter or you are caught in a thunder storm in the middle of a shot - the joys of photography.

I have just been to see Avatar - in 3-D if you have not seen it you are missing out on a treat it is amazing Robbie and I just enjoyed it so much - if you haven't seen it then I would recommend it. My sister Sue also recommends Precious but it is a much more somber movie but great to see - Oprah produced it so it will have some good messages in it.

Well am off to Happy Hour and a great week-end - I wish you all both of these little pleasures!

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