Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Get Creative with Jenny - DVD finally available

Well you asked for it and here it is - Get Creative with Jenny Haskins -a compilation DVD of the past, present and future Video's from my web site. You can order it now from the web site along with all our other exciting new products - you can now have me as a permanent fixture in your studio - now you will have to ask Robbie and Simon if this is a good thing!! You will have one advantage over them - you can turn me off!!

Simon left for his teaching/lecture tour on Sunday - hope you all see him in Puyallup, he is busy setting up today - everyone is very excited about being there and looking forward to catching up with their sewing friends.
I am in the middle of editing CE 27 - sorry no sign of CE 26 yet, but I am assured it is on the ship which is on the water - that is positive so keep your fingers crossed it is supposed to land around the 11th March. It is a beauty and totally well worth waiting for.
Robbie and I are going to the Gift Trade fair on Friday - that should be interesting, who knows what ideas we might pick up to challenge you with. We are working on new ideas as we speak, but that will have to be a surprise in future blogs.
How do you like our new web site - Andrew is doing a fabulous job, lots of flashes and animation - it now a real happening place if you haven't seen it you are missing a real treat!
I just heard this great saying - one to help us over the rough spots so I will leave it with you:
Scars show where we have been but don't have to dictate where we are going.

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  1. Get Creative with Jenny Haskins Volume
    Where can we get this in the US?