Sunday, January 31, 2010

Holidays over - Work back in full swing.

Well Erica has been proved right (several times over) - sorry I am late with this posting and I promise to try and do better for the rest of 2010 - and yes I have eaten crow at Eric's table as well as saying she was right.

Well Christmas holidays are over - oh joy and we survied the holidays - wonderful and we will all be a year older this year - reality bites!!

On the other hand here is our amazing Harvey on dad's shoulders at our Australia Day Holiday week-end - we did have a lovely day.

Well here is the cover of CE No 26 - isn't it glorious - that is the good news, the bad well it is running late! Sorry everyone but anticipation is half the fun. The cover shot is really special and looks fabulous and there is just so much in this issue including Danielle's French Provincial bedroom setting and Kerrie's Recession Cake recipe you will just love it all.

Simon is still working on Harvey's Garden - not sure if I told you that I have written my first children's story - Sammie Snail Finds a Friend - this goes with the CD and the text is all digitised so it marries up with the block pages so an embroidered book can be made - something rather unique - we love it and hope you do too. Our little quilt is finished (as well) and just looks magic - sashed with embroidered rows of lady bugs - really cute. Will save a picture until next blog.

When Dreams Flower - book is printed with the DVD finally being sorted out so it is running pretty much on schedule and should be out in March - we will put it on our web site this week so you can order it and make sure you do not miss out.

Went to see Momma Mia a couple of weeks ago - we danced our legs off and then went to Wicked last night - both shows magnificent - loved my green cocktail and glass that had a stem light in it - yes I know I am still a child.

Robbie and I are working with our new products - which is fun and then photography at the end of the week - we are all now back into work full swing.

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    Love your site and blogs and products. any time frame when you will have the videos from your web site on a cd we can purchase?
    Kathy in NE