Monday, February 15, 2010

PS Woops forgot this - Sues Special Skirt!

One of my best friends is Sue - who lives in Noosa - she is amazing and takes full time care of her special mother Mirri who has a kidney disease needing three days a week on dialysis. To while away her few spare hours Sue loves to embroider and send me a picture of this stunning skirt and then sent me this link. How cool is she and how innovative is the skirt - just love love love it and thought I had to share it with you. Go to and see Sue's skirt and hear how she made it.

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  1. Just got my Issue #26 of your magazine and was delighted to see a picture of Bunny McDonald, who chose my purple jacket from the Light up a Life Challenge, in Houston in October! Made me so happy to know that she chose my creation!! Am looking forward to making another one for the next challenge.