Thursday, April 16, 2015

Never say Never - all things are possible if you believe you can do it!

When I first started Yoga, after my beautiful son Simon had nagged me for around two years, constantly reminding me that I should join a Yoga class. That was over five years ago now and I am doing poses I never thought possible!

No matter what your age, if you believe you can do something you can! My PT asked me once what was my secret to achieving so much and I told her that I saw myself doing it and eventually I did. You know if something doesn't challenge you, you will never change. No matter what age or your circumstances you can achieve anything, if you believe you can.

Everyday I challenge myself with something even if it is only small, I still do it. I see so many people who are my age or younger, who appear so much more older. When I told my Yoga teacher my age, she told me that she thought me 20 years younger - (I then told her if she told anyone my age I would have to kill her!) She laughed and promised not to.

Use it or lose it has so much more meaning as you get older, so for me challenging myself everyday is my goal. You know what we repeatedly do is not so much an act, but rather a habit.

Honey, my beautiful little companion puppy, and I walk everyday - come rain, hail or shine. I can never get away with out our walk, she knows when we go and is smiling up at me, wagging her tail and running down the stairs, as if to say, 'Hurry up mum, I am ready'. So off we go and the beautiful endorphins set in and my day starts with a great feeling.

So here is to the beautiful word exercise it truly keeps us going. Tried for over a month to do this and then one magical day it happened and my PT took this photo!!

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