Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Simon's 'Modern Ambience'

Today is a beautiful Autumn/Fall day with the temperature reaching 28 degrees Fahrenheit today - love sunny days and warm weather. Simon's latest magnificent quilt - Modern Ambiance is just that -- it reminds me of sunny days, warm weather and is totally glorious.

Simon is back being so creative and the above picture is of his latest quilt, with each section of the quilt being totally pieced, embroidered and quilted in the hoop. Simon chose to use Jenny's Invisa thread to quilt with, as in doing this the fabulous Japanese invisible thread takes on the color of the fabric it is quilting - so clever Cy. Simon exclaimed to me that this is the flattest and the best quilt he has ever made and piecing it with the Jenny Join meant that when it was pieced it was finished except for the binding.

This quilt is for everyone, no matter what level of sewing, quilting or embroidery you are at - at last there is an amazing quilt that is achievable by anyone - and do not worry about measuring quilt sections as each piece has built-in stitch cutting lines.

The design CD, eBook and an added bonus, will be available next month. They say anticipation is better than reality - let's hope that reality is at least if not more than reality!

Here is my thought for the day - I do love having one of these each day! Remember to  carry a big umbrella!!


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