Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Welcome baby Frankie and Simon is home!!

Simon has a new daughter and Harvey has a new (very tiny) baby sister - congratulations to everyone, Cleo (new mum), Kirstin, Harvey and Simon, Frankie is truly beautiful and we are all excited. She was born on April 1, and I had a ball going mad on pink clothes, mind you I had all ready decided it was to be a girl and sent pink clothes to the 'girls' well before Frankie was born.

Cleo looked beautifully radiant, if a little tired, (Frankie was a Caesar) but both are doing well. I went to see her over Easter and had a cuddle, she settled into my arms and fell asleep as if she knew her Noo Noo already loved her before she was born and she was safe and happy. Simon missed the birth as it was a hurried delivery, (and Kirstin lost her phone - once again), but he was there soon after and spent the whole day with his new daughter.

What a great welcome home (after seven long weeks in the US) for Simon, who is now madly in love with his new daughter, so is somewhat distracted at work as he is trying to catch up on all his emails.

Our first Ministry of Sewing webinar went well (I think we were all a bit behind the eight ball); Simon was jet lagged and I had been in surgery the day before - never mind we did it. Due to a technical hitch the webinar did not record, so we repeated the webinar on the Tuesday and this time the recording worked. Yahoo, ain't technology grand! The response was fabulous and everyone just loved the projects, I cannot wait to see how everyone makes these projects up and we get lots of photos.Remember it is not too late to register, you still get to download the project directions, video and webinare and better still get the great discounts that were offered through the Ministry - so take a peak at the introduction video.

Robbie and I have been working on our Christmas in July projects for the Ministry as well as our up coming final Academy with the current projects, so if you have not registered for either the 2012 Online Academy or the Ministry of Sewing you are truly missing out on a treat.

The Jenny Haskins' RNK Educators are all members of the Ministry of Sewing, so if they are in your area make sure you go to their presentation, these are always amazing, and 'girls' have all promised to have our first Ministry projects (well some of the projects) done for you to look at. I cannot wait to see what the girls - Meg, Gina, Susan, Pattie, Paula (the JH division manager) and Jeannie come up with, they have all emailed me and told me they have exciting projects planned, so watch this space for the photos of their version of our Wedding Accessories.

By the way have you all purchased Creative Machine Embroidery - the US magazine, how do you like my column, I believe my first column is in the May/June issue, so don't miss out you will love this magazine and my column is a great reference for you to keep when you have a question you need answered.

Now to catch up on FaceBook and Twitter - how good am I?

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  1. Jenny, accept my congratulations on the birth of her granddaughter, and also congratulations to the parents of the child, and wish you all the best,
    I greet :)))