Monday, April 16, 2012

Happy 99th Birthday Dad and Congratulations Shirley and Meg

Elaine Pollard taught her sister Shirley how to use the Quilt-a-matic quilting technique in an effort to take her mind off her pain. The results are gorgeous and something I would never have thought of, how clever you two 'girls are!

Meg Covalt, (a JH Educator in the US), sent me this picture of her Jenny Haskins' Ministry of Sewing projects. They are simply fabulous Meg, Robbie and I just love what you have done. Meg told me she will have these  with her when she visits Patti's Sewing Center in San Antonio and at the quilt show in Paducha, so make sure you see them up close and personal, they are great techniques.
Happy 99th Birthday dad, here he is with his cake with his two girls me (left) and my sister Sue (who is a medical doctor) helping him blow out his candles - yes I know not quite 99 candles, but we did not want to alert the fire brigade! Simon came up to help celebrate with his beloved Poppa and Elaine came also to be there with us all. It was a very special day. We had two cakes, balloons and flowers, a real party. You are surely loved dad, but most of all by me, he is the perfect father!

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