Monday, March 19, 2012

Catching up!

As you can see, I still have conflicts with modern technoloqy, managed to post the same blog twice, now that takes talent.

Simon's teaching tour is nearly over, he will be home next week, yahoo, just in time for our first Minitstry of Sewing free webinar, if you haven't registered for it or seen our video go to home page and view the FREE video. You can also register for the webinar, places are limited, so make sure you do so early.

Sheila Clarke, from Aussie, sent me pictures of her A Place in the Sun quilt; she said her largest hoop was 180mm x 300mm and had to reduce the designs by 6%, but they worked out perfectly - her quilt took three weeks to make! Way to go, this is three weeks to applique, quilt and piece a quilt - she did an amazing job! Way to go Sheila your quilt is beautiful and a real credit to you.

We just love seeing finished projects, so please keep these great photos coming and I will publish them on my website, blog and facebook.

I am busy working on - would you believe Christmas in July projects for our Ministry of Sewing wait till you see them, they are magic.

I am now off to Yoga.


  1. Love the blue in this quilt.

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Beauty of your work and everything you create.
    Jenny , I wish you healthy, happy, happy Easter, for you and for your family,
    many hugs .......