Thursday, March 8, 2012

Well I finally have my IPad working again,Yahoo thank your Apple Genius Bar. Well Simon has been away in the US for over six weeks and has traversed the US around three times so far. Puyallup was amazing and the 'girls' and Simon had a ball. The classes went well and A Place in the Sun was a great hit. Well done Team JH you are amazing, hope Paul spoilt you all. Paula also told me the VDTA was fabulous, so all in all it has been a great time for all. Simon continues to be a hit in every store he visits, and of course everyone loves him, his presentations and brilliant samples. He is tired, long hours, time zones and away from home really takes it's toll and I thank you all for looking after him, particularly Patti and Margaret , you are great friends not only to Simon, but me too. Thank you. Robbie and I have been having fun being creative, working on my Ministry of Sewing, getting ready for the next Acadmey and working on our Creative Machine Embroidery magazine column. Oh yes forgot to tell everyone I am now writing a column for CME and we hope you will buy the magazine and enjoy our column called 'Dear Jenny'. First one out April/May issue. A Place in the Sun is walking out the door, and everyone loves it, with Nancy finishing her first quilt and now on her second. Christine from Adelaide is just about finished and said everything just works so well with the quilt sections fitting together perfectly - no measuring and just so easy with perfect quilting. Please send me your pictures of your Place in the Sun quilt.

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