Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Who said we cannot do new things?

If I could get my B'berry to talk to my iPad I could back my next adventure with a picture, but I am working on it. All my children as teenagers could ride skate boards, even broke bones on them and I never had the urge until last week to try to ride one. Britty got a new skate board and I thought why not. I was so excited and enthusiastic that I actually just got up and road it immediately. Even learned how to shift my weight to turn the board. It was amazing but more so at my age, which only proves my saying just go and do it. I am thinking of buying one and practicing on my drive. I just love doing and learning new things. My next is getting back to ice skating. Used to do it when I was a teenager and older so why not get my sakes out and try again. My Yoga certainly helped with my balance so you know use it or loose it. I also learned how to play Angry Birds, (a computer game) and I am working mt way through the levels, not to mention Solitare, one of my winning hand was in the top five, score wise, I was asked if I wanted to tell a friend, so I am telling you all.

Robbie and I are busy working on the quilting Academy for later in the year, and boy do we have an exciting adventure planned for you all. Even Simon is impressed. And the lovely Simon well his trip to Bali was an entire his mother wished he had not embarked on, I will say no more!

Simon is working on something especially for the USA - you are not going to believe it, but wait you must.

A Place in the Sun is walking out the door in Australia, so those of you in the US make sure you have placed your preorders so as not to miss out. I know all the online stores are already pre selling it, so hop on line or go into your local store and make sure they are getting it in.

I am watching the Australian Tennis held in Melbourne and our Bernard Tomic is playing and his resilience amazes me, not to mention his talent and passion. What an inspiration and to think he is only 19.

I will keep you up to date with my new adventure, email me yours.

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