Sunday, January 29, 2012

What one lady thinks of A Place in the Sun, quilt/book

I get many, many emails, about how happy machine artists (from every walk of life and sew skill level) tell me about their exciting experiences when making a quilt designed by Team JH. I thought, however that I just had to share this one with you all, as Nancy is 88 years young, quietly spoken, never complains and is always positive, making every day a new adventure and so wanted to share her journey to A Place in the Sun with my blog followers: Friday, 27 January 2012 Hello Jenny. I had to write to you regarding A Place in the Sun; having eagerly awaited its arrival I wanted to give you my thoughts about it. Upon opening and reading APS several times I was a little apprehensive about embarking on this new concept, thinking it outside my capabilities/expectations. Then my friend (Elaine) arrived for a short stay this week and we immediately discussed A Place in the Sun. I explained how unsure I felt about doing it. Having recently lost my dear husband, who was my computer whiz, the family had suggested (prior to Christmas) that it was now time I reconnect to the internet again. Not knowing anything about the internet and little more about computers I agreed (keeping in mind that I am 88 and was more than a little intimidated about using it) never the less I agreed. So when my dear friend Elaine arrived in Sydney for a short stay she went on to your website and downloaded all your free videos including the three for A Place in the Sun. WOW is an understatement, as the videos were just like having you in my sewing room and all my fears just melted away; I just had to do a sample. That is how it started, just one sample I thought, having done one, I knew I could do this! I have finished nine centre squares on point (as I want a bed topper this time)! I have also stitched the McTavishing strips and cornerstones and stitched them to the sides of two squares on point. You and the team have certainly made this quilting technique a pleasant and stres free way to sew. Add to this, the free download videos from your website which are the most wonderful aid and I highly recommend these as a form of teaching/learning as they cover all aspects of the quilt process, from preparation, stitching, cutting and piecing (along with the detailed step-by-step pictures in the book), one just cannot make a mistake. And oh the Jenny Join – what can I say – the seams are simply the best I have ever done adding the front and back perfectly together – a reversible quilt! I could hardly believe it possible that a quilt could be appliqu├ęd and quilted with absolutely no stress, worries about cutting accurately and the quilting appeared as by magic; everything was taken care of with the pieces fitting exactly as was directed in the book!! WELL DONE team JH, seems an inadequate thing to say, as no matter what skill level or experience you are at in quilting/machine embroidery anyone can make this quilt, so long as one has the 200mm x 200mm embroidery hoop or larger for your machine. I will be in touch later when my Place in the Sun quilt is completed! Lots of love and admiration for you and the team- you are so far ahead of what this industry needs to teach and show what is possible with these amazing embroidery machines of the 21st Century and are ever a source of inspiration to lovers of machine embroidery everywhere. Jenny I am so blessed with wonderful friends Elaine my sewing coach and Gregg the young man who helps me with my computer, camera etc – has taken the photos and now helped with this letter to you. I can sew but some technology is a little harder but I amd trying to learn with their help. Love Nancy Bennett Team JH think that Nancy is a Sewing Legend, and an amazing example of what can be done, no matter what age, or experience, just put your mind to it and believe in yourself. We will be posting Nancy’s quilt on our website as soon as it is finished, along with any others that are sent to us, so we can all enjoy her quilt along with others as they are completed!

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