Saturday, January 7, 2012

2012 a Time to Change

Here I am in 2012, I remember coming home in the train from the 2000 Olympics, held in Sydney, when it was announced that the 2012 Olympics would be held in London which seemed an eternity away! Well here it is. For me 2012 is a time for change and new directions.

I was reading in our Sunday paper about how we limit ourselves by our age and the expectations of others as to how we should appear and act. Who says this is what we have to do or be, where is it written that at a certain age we should look, act and behave a certain way. I see contemporaries of mine who have looked 30 going on 60 all their lives and on the other hand those who will be forever young. Me I have always opted for the latter.

I am at my Place in the Sun, at Toowoon bay, ( speaking of which, don't forget to place your order for this book it is out next week) sitting on the deck, reflecting. Our Christmas plans were a comedy of errors, however we did have a beautiful Christmas and Boxing Day. (Incidentally for those who do not follow British tradition, Boxing Day was when all the left over food was boxed up and given to the poor, what a great tradition and it is a pity it is only a holiday in Australia and the food tradition is not followed.) One can never predict families, only love and accept them and trust in their love and acceptance of you.

I have have already started, doing (maybe not new things but things but have not done for a long time) by going down a giant slippery slide with my grandson, it was so much fun. Also taken up snorkeling again, was amazing (after I got over the initial choking due to an I'll fitting mask)! I was rescued by my special neighbor who helped me catch my breath, (water was still coming out of my nose five hours later) but it was worth it. New mask and another day and my snorkeling is off to a great start. Saw two beautiful Gropers and neatly touched one.

I walk every morning, rain, hail or shine, go to Yoga twice a week, and will be stepping up the anti on both of these. I also want to do a course and will be working on more interactive things on our web site including online classes, Academy's (including a quilting one we are working on already) and Sit and Sew with Jenny! We plan on keeping sewing, machine embroidery and creativity alive and well, and advancing into 2012. We have so much planned, so stay tuned.

Am now off to sun bake and read a book, I am having three straight weeks at the van, another first for me. Remember it is never too late to be what you could have been!

My very special friend Brittany, who is my nine year old neighbor up here at Toowoon Bay, asked me how old I was, I answered that I was very old, and she replied, are your 30! Well inside absolutely, and I am working on the outside! I exercise every day, go to Yoga classes twice a week and still wear a bikini!

This year I plan on doing a course, running more online features, classes and Academy's as well as keeping the gospel of machine embroidery alive and very active.

So why not join me on this new adventure, forget your age, infirmities and worries, remember life is a banquets and most poor fools are starving so start eating at the banquet.

Happy New Year my friends and for your age, just go with the feeling!


  1. Way to go, Jenny!! I love to learn new things--and I especially enjoyed the 2011 Academy you did online for us--so I'm really looking forward to the new opportunities you are developing for us this year!! I still hope that Andrew can find enough free space on your website for a message forum so we can post ideas, etc.
    Happy New Year,
    Karen Betts

    1. Hi Jenny,
      Happy New Year! , And never left a feed of your optimism, you literally in everything, and we know that life is no fairy tale. A beautiful letter you wrote, adding all the forces, it is beautiful, surely everyone who can benefit? , It is known that not all people have a predisposition to this health, but we must fight, thank you. I know how hard long years working on everything, and create the most beautiful work of art. in the world, greetings:)))

  2. Thank you for the big dose of optimism! I agree that it doesn't matter as much what you look like on the outside, it is what is inside that really counts. It is, of course, nice if the outside is well maintained too - though that is part of total care of ourselves.
    Looking forward to the new ideas.
    Helen O'Harae