Thursday, May 20, 2010

When Dreams Fabric launched at Spring Market

Well I have been lax - it is over two weeks since my last blog - my life and time have been so taken up with editing (we are working on CE 28), being creative (we are working on a new quilt - The War of the Roses) as well as still working on Peache's Purses - and yes it is coming one cannot rush amazing things. By the way I trust you all have CE 27 we were out on time with it this time - yippee!! It has been out in Australia for just over a week so it should be in the US soon.

Simon is in the US for Spring Market - Minneapolis and our When Dreams Flower fabric range will be launched there. Robbie and I have been busy finalising projects using our sample fabrics and are now anxiously awaiting seeing pictures of the Ring-a-Ring-a-Rosie... quilt quilted. Hopefully we will get a report and maybe a picture tomorrow.
We have also been very busy making hats, bags and skirts for our Melbourne Cup special for CE 28 - for those who are not Australian's Melbourne Cup is Australia's most prestigious horse race and it is 150 years old this year - unfortunately Simon and I will be in Houston when it is on this year. Melbourne residents in Victoria actually have a holiday the day it is run. Everyone all over Australia gets dressed up and goes either to the races in their city or out for lunch and everyone has a bet. It is a great day and so we thought we would create our own accessories - they are really fun and quite gorgeous - they will have to wait for my next blog.
Zoey is doing well and growing fast - but is such a dainty little thing. Cooper-Jay, her big brother is not exactly liking not being the centre of attention - but he will get over it! Poor little Harvey broke his collar bone, but it is mended now and we are told the large mending lump will disappear with age.
My dad turned 97 on the 13th of April, Sam, by baby 31 on the 29th of April - it is the most popular month for birthdays for our family.
Well it is nearly winter in the southern hemisphere and we are all starting to heat our homes and rug ourselves up - Honey and I are still walking/jogging every morning which certainly makes one feel alive.
So this is my last committment for the day, and now off to bed. Promise to try and keep this up every week - I know Erica I am slack!

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  1. You're not slack, Jenny, you're normal! (At least in this way, amazing in most others. It was great to see Simon again in Minneapolis. Take care. Erica