Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Ringa-a-Ring a Rosie...quilt and pillow and Noosa Girls

Sunset over Noosa and girls night out!
How lucky were we to meet two absolutely gorgeous young girls up in Noosa, Katlin and Megan - we met quite by accident and had a great first night out till late and then the second night danced on the balcony until very late - there was a wedding below our balcony so we pirated our very own private DJ. I learnt Blame it on the Boogie with actions and the Nutbush both of which were fun and exhausting - and yes at my age perhaps a little too many cocktails which we were happy to find out hit the young things the next day as much as it did my girlfriend and I. Never mind we had a great time - better late than never!!


Well before I left for Noosa on the Thursday after my last post - Simon, Robbie and I had nearly finished our Ring-a-Ring a Rosie... patchwork quilt made from our sample When Dreams Flower fabric. Laura - the marketing and advertising mistress of Windham Fabrics - asked us to make a quilt to have on their web site with free directions - so this is it! (Laura may be small but she is feisty)! Laura is having it quilted in the US and it will be on display, along with the original When Dreams Flower quilt at Spring Market in a few weeks.

We are also making two pillows to go with the Ring-a-Ring a Rosie quilt - this is the pink story of the fabric range embellished with Lottie's Poppies embroidery designs. If Laura gives us more time we may make a couple of other items as well!!

The fabric will not be available until July 2010 in the US and September in Australia - this is just a teaser - by the way the directions to make the quilt will be on my web site as well as Windham as a free download once the fabric is released.
Well I am working on another pillow tomorrow and am in the middle of another quilt (red, black and white this time - very different to anything we have done before- so it is time to sign off - still keeping up Erica aren't you proud of me. x x x

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  1. I've always been proud of you, Jenny, since you came to South Bend and I discovered we both love purple and cats! I'm keeping up too, every other week, on my blog, and though it isn't every day (super-human idea that was) you're doing better than I am!!