Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Three weeks holiday at Toowoon Bay

I cannot believe I have not up dated everyone for nearly a month! Shame on me - I know Erica you told me so!!
I have been away for three weeks, the longest break I think I have ever had - it was wonderful and now I am tanned and totally rested.
This beautiful photo is of Brittany who is my neighbour at Toowoon bay - I have known her since she was three and she is one of my best friends. We have a wonderful time together and she is the the only person who talks more than I do and asks more questions than me! I love her dearly.
Sam (my daughter see our Christmas Princesses photo) came up to the beach for four days and we had a special mother/daughter time and of course Britty, Lottie and Honey were included. The photo was taken on our day out - we went to the Crown Plaza resort for lunch on the beach - it was a magic day.
The water is 23 degrees and the weather is rather like 'the little girl with the curl - when it is good it is very very good and when it is bad it is horrid'. However the horrid part was video days, reading books, shopping and going out for meals so it was all good.
Simon had a great time with his family in Pukett and Robbie of course was up the coast with me in her van - we also went to see 'Sherlock Homes' and 'It's Complicated' both great movies. Since I have been home I have been out for dinner or lunch five days in a row, so am being very social and enjoying it - although it is back to work. As always when you have been away the work piles up, but we are ploughing through it.
I am off back up the coast on Thursday - is the end of the holidays and Australia Day week-end and the weather is tipped to be very hot - great swimming weather but next week the bubble bursts and normality sets in.
We are all working on new things so will promise to post more regular blogs in the up coming weeks.
Happy New Year to everyone - may it be all we dreamed it would and could be.


  1. Dear Jenny,
    You are always beautiful, vacations are nice, please list show earlier videos - watched not, ask you to always your videos can be viewed, old and recent, as a reminder, Thank you for your understanding, I wish you a Happy New Year, I greet,

  2. Hi, Jenny,
    Fantastic about the vacation! And yes, I told you so, but don't be hard on yourself when the posts don't always get done as you hope!
    Love to all. Erica, Indiana

  3. Hello, dear Jenny: This is your old friend Beth Maitland from California...the actress from The Young and the Restless you met at hands on sewing school. I sew nearly every day on my Pfaff machine you signed for me, and keep track of you in books and magazines. So thrilled you are well, happy and blossoming like your gorgeous flowers in paint and threads! You remain an inspiration. fondly, Beth