Friday, June 15, 2012

Quilting Academy is now OPEN and Simon's new Quilt

Another teaser from the Jenny Haskins Acadmey of Quilter;s our vintage quilted pillow. Robbie and I just had to design and make this pillow and it goes so perfectly with the accreditation quilt:

The Quilting Academy is now open, so make sure you take advantage of the Early Bird discounts which are available up till the end of June. 

Go to to learn more about this amazing quilting adventure!


Simon is away on holidays and Robbie has been busy binding Simon's beautiful Alphabet for Lennox quilt and making the wonderful little cube seat. This is a fabulous quilt, again double-sided and quilted and appliqued in the hoop, pieced with the Jenny Join. Wait till you see this quilt up-close and personal - you will just love the googly eyes and the cluster button decorations.

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