Saturday, June 2, 2012

Announcing the 2012 Academy of Accredited Tutors

Robbie, Simon and I have been working all year getting ready to launch our long awaited 2012 On-Line Quilting Academy! Well after nearly six months and over 700 photos, not to mention videos and much more we are finally ready to open registrations!

You will be receiving an email blast this week so look out for it!

I have been very busy of late also, have just discovered Pinterest - I am addicted - follow my pins on Jenny Gray Haskins  you will love my boards they are a little bit of heaven.

Our Ministry of Sewing - second tutorial is up on the site - directions, video and webinar - you will love it and remember you can join any time and take advantage of all previous tutorials and product discounts! Do not miss out on this opportunity you will not only love the projects but find out how easy they are to make also.

Our 2012 Academy of Accredited Tutors, is now finished. I have been checking out the Gallery and some student have almost finished all their required projects - they look amazing. I cannot wait to see if we have anyone who will finish all 19 projects - we had around five or six in the 2011 academy! Everyone has commented on how much they learned, how amazing the products are and how easy the projects are - so why not join our Quilting Academy and you will see how easy it is to quilt, piece, embroidery and be one of the first to experience Jenny's latest techniques including Floating Piecing!

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