Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Still having Fun!! Peaches' Purses and Slippery Dip!

Simon was at Sharman's in Longview in TX last week - yes this is the lady who we named Sharman's Vintage Garden book after - well she has lost a lot of weight and was just so thrilled to fit into my Faux Knitted coat, which of course you have seen on this site - they sent me a picture - she looks amazing and yes the coat fits perfectly now a size 6 - how good is this.

Here are our Peaches Purses stitch outs - just the beginning, so many more to come - you will just love the CD when it comes out maybe at the end of April!

Well Simon has been away for three weeks now - and as you can see Robbie and I are still having so much fun. The purse designs stitch out amazingly well using Tearaway Magic fusible and Tearaway - not a stitch missed! Yippee. We have sent these over to Simon for the VDTA along with the leopard skin skirt and purse as well as our Krinkle Magic Pillows - they all look fabulous and great new techniques. Look out for Patti she will have my skirt on!

On the week-end, Aunty Sa Sa - Simon's baby sister and I had a wonderful day looking after our beautiful Harvey - he was perfect all day and did enjoy the slippery dip amongst other things on the play gym. He was up from 8:00 in the morning until 8:00 at night with only a little nap.

Of course finishing the day off in a beautiful hotel room over looking Darling Harbour and watching the boats having cheese and crackers with Noo Noo finished the day off perfectly - to be honest Noo Noo needed to be up on the bed more than Harvey! The day and week ended perfectly.

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