Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Robbie and Jenny Play while Simon is away!!

Well here it is another week almost gone. Thought you might like to see what Robbie and I have been doing while Simon is away!
We have been having a real fashion bonanza. Remember are few blogs ago I gave a link to a site that showed a great skirt my girlfriend Sue made - well she sent me a package (when I saw the fabric I thought how sweet she has made made me a skirt) - no such luck but the fabric is fabulous and Robbie and I got together to make a skirt and here it is using Margaret's Magnificent Melody. The fabric is slightly stretchy and Robbie just took a pattern off one of my pencil skirts. The bottom of the skirt has a false hem using red silk backed with of course Sheer Magic the flowers are embroidered and applied to the finished skirt using the Embroidered Decoupage technique as seen in Jenny's Heritage, When Dreams Flower and on the Get Creative Video - the technique is easy, fun, creative and fool proof.
We have also been having amazing fun with Peaches' Purses (based on the candy wrapper purse) they are just gorgeous - so you can see we are just having a ball. You will see pictures of these in a future blogs.
Good news CE 26 is finally in (in Australia that is) and it looks amazing, we had forgotten how beautiful it is - so everyone who has been patiently waiting thank you and hope you get your copy soon. And we have just finished CE 27 - which also looks great - I will have the front cover up soon to show you.
Another good lot of news is the we have received our advance copies of When Dreams Flower and it is a beautiful book - should arrive in Australia next week and then go out to everyone who has ordered the next week.
Had an amazing week-end with Harvey, Kirstin, Cleo, Sam and Peaches will post some pictures in my next blog.
Well my favourite TV show is on - so I am off to join Honey on the bed. Till next time - Love the life you live.
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