Saturday, September 15, 2012

In loving memory of my dad - Ronald Wilfred Gray

My much loved dad, Ron Gray, (13/04/1913 - 11/09/1912) aged 99 and 6 months, went to sleep last week. He was the best father ever to my sister Sue and I and 'poppa' to Sam, Simon and Jason Haskins and Kate, Nick and Chris Carr and great 'poppa' to Harvey, Cooper-Jay, Zoey and Frankie.

We laid my dad to rest with his beloved wife Mary (dec'd) with the hope and assurance of the resurrection. Dad had great faith and worked for his God all his life. He was described by all who knew him as 'the perfect christian gentleman' and this he was in every way.

He did everything for his girls - Sue and me and as the grandchildren came along for them also. Nothing was ever too much for his family - he was our rock, we knew he would always be there for us whether it was waiting outside for hours to pick us up or take us anywhere we needed or wanted to go. We already miss him so much!

I could convince him of anything - fake sun tan that was a must when going to the beach with a new boyfriend, eyeliner - when mum was away (she would not let me have it) and even choosing to stay with me as a new bride, sleeping on a camp stretcher in the lounge room, when he could have had the comfort of a nice hotel room.

The one thing that I particularly remember is his advice to me, when I was trying to decide what to wear when going out - 'Be a leader not a follower Jen, wear what you want'. I have never forgotten that.

I want to say how amazing Simon and Sam (my beautiful son and daughter) were to their 'poppa' always. They always went with me to visit him after mum passed away - I do not know what I would have done without them. Their support was totally unselfish and filled with love - they were just beautiful to 'poppa' and loved him so much.

As Simon was in the US, at the time of dads passing, Sam was just there - she was my sister Sue and my strength - she got us through our hard days - just making everything happen - we could not have done without her. Thank you Sammie.

Simon took charge of the business re organizing our Academy Webinars, when I was so concerned - thank you Simon for looking after everything in the past week, even though you had classes and were in the US. Thank you Cy.

Thank you everyone also for your messages of love and support - they really made us all feel loved and supported.

Dad what we like most about you was that we loved you - for ever in the round tower of our hearts.


  1. I am so sorry for your loss. You always shared how special your dad was. I am keeping all of you in my prayers--but, just know that our loved ones always live on in our wonderful memories of them.

    Karen Betts (Academy 2011)

  2. Hi Jenny Just saw the news My love goes out to to you and all your family at this time
    You will be soaring again in no time.
    Fondest thoughts
    Fran Todkill (Academy 2012)