Wednesday, February 8, 2012

If I can Skateboard you can make A Place in the Sun

For those who were lucky enough to be part of our fabulous webinar today, you will have seen the 'glorious' picture of me skateboarding - my first adventure for the year 2012!! Well as I said, if I can skateboard making A Place in the Sun is a breeze. A Place in the Sun is for remedial quilters/embroiderers as all you have to do is hoop-n-go for a whole quilt which includes quilting, applique, sashing, cornerstones, center medallion and borders. And guess what, no measuring required as it has all been done for you with built-in cutting lines! All you have to do is keep your embroidery machine going and cut on the builtin stitch cutting line and piece with the perfectly flat Jenny Join!

One other thing, if the detailed step-by-step pictures and directions are not enough for you, well invite me to be your personal coach, just go to my website and download the Free instructional videos  now all you have to do is 'follow the bouncing sewing ball' and in no time you will be in competition with our amazing Nancy!

Read Nancy's email in two previous blogs ago - well here is a photo of her first lot of blocks and rest assured this quilt will be finished in not time, as she has already purchased the fabric for her second quilt - way to go Nancy, who is 88 years young.

Nancy's first set of A Place in the Sun Blocks


  1. You are such a skateboard cutie!!!

    I have already ordered A Place in the Sun, but I was wondering what size hoop the designs are made for?


  2. So glad we have received copies of the book at my local dealer's store. I've been browsing through it the past couple days. Cannot wait to start on this. It looks like such an easy way to make a beautiful quilt!

    On another subject, I see info is posted on your site about the 2012 Accreditation Academy. I am hoping to participate this time around. Are the projects new for this year? How long do we have to complete the required projects? Does it go for just the month of May? Curious about ending date. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

    1. Doreen, I was in the 2011 Academy--you will absolutely LOVE it!! We had 3 months to finish 8 projects. You will get a message before the Academy begins with a list of all of the materials you will need to gather for the projects. Jenny sends cds with powerpoints and pdfs for each lesson--along with the embroidery design files to download to your software/sewing machine. Then there are webinars for each project and for questions and answers. You will have Simon's email to ask anything that you wonder about. Also, Margaret Moorehead has a chat message board on her new website ( where you can post pictures and questions for others to help. Go for it!! You won't regret it for a minute!!
      Karen Betts